Best Rugs for Pet Owners: How to Find Great Pet-Friendly Area Rugs

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Designing a room with the perfect ambiance and vibe is a step-by-step process that can be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s a journey that involves making dozens of decisions regarding color scheme, furniture, lighting, and decor while ensuring they all seamlessly flow together. When it comes to those big-ticket items when adorning your home or office, what ties a room together more than a well-constructed, comfortable and elegant area rug in the center of the space?

Best Rugs for Pets: Style and Functionality

A rug can serve as the bold, statement piece of a room or create a neutral and cozy vibe for a more calming experience. From elegant, handmade rugs in premium materials to plush shag rugs with a modern design, is home to hundreds of high-quality, thoughtfully-constructed, and stylish rugs offered in a range of sizes for your room's unique measurements. Before jumping into the search for your dream area rug, there are some details to consider beyond the colorway and texture of the rug. Take a moment to think about your everyday lifestyle of your home or office space and how this rug will be used, and ask yourself: 

  • How heavy is the foot traffic in this space?

  • Will I allow shoes in the room or have a strict no-shoe rule?

  • Will we be eating and dining in here?

  • Will my pets be using this room, and are they house-broken?

What Makes an Area Rug Pet-Friendly?

Especially for all you pet owners out there, you know that a rug’s material and durability is everything.  As much as we love our furry friends, they track in all sorts of pesky particles on their paws and can have the occasional accident. Thankfully, there are gorgeous and affordable rugs that are best for homes with pets. If your new rug will be in a shared space with your pets, it’s important to look at what qualities your new rug should have, like resistance to stains, cleanability, color retention and quality, as well as how the color and style hides those inevitable cat or dog hairs. And if you happen to have an animal-free zone that needs a new rug, offers long-lasting, classic, and trendy rugs that can instantly elevate your interior or exterior spaces.

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Select a Rug that can Handle Life’s Toughest Stains and Spills

Life gets messy, and a life with pets, well, let’s just say their sweet cuddles make up for their messiness. It’s a frustrating feeling when you find the perfect style of area rug for your space but upon further research learn that the hand-woven, artisanal rugs in silk are not likely to hold up to your lifestyle with animals. Overall, the best rugs for pet owners are synthetic ones crafted in polypropylene—a durable thermoplastic made from the combination of propylene monomers. The popularization of this material has led to many companies manufacturing them in an array of trendy, geometric, floral, bohemian, and classic styles. knows the importance of both durability and style in equal parts. Our indoor/outdoor area rugs have undergone a 6-point approval process,tested for their surface flammability, fungal and mold resistance, and color fastness that can handle high light and water exposure. Ourmost popular and best pet-friendly area rugs are made with 100% Fiber-Enhanced Courtron™ Polypropylene. Not only are they luxurious and soft to the touch, but they are resistant against permanent stains as they repel moisture and mildew. They can also handle nature’s elements and are perfectly safe to be used in outdoor spaces. There are literally hundreds of rugs to choose from that meet your pet-friendly rug needs.

Easy, Breezy Cleaning for your Pet-Friendly Area Rugs

When you do find your match-made-in-heaven rug that ties the room together perfectly, it’s time to enjoy it. Dance on it, wrestle with the pups, and invite your friends over for a get together. Playtime is often followed by a little cleaning, but it should be easy and convenient. The best maintenance for your rug really depends on the material and the construction style. To name a few popular styles, there are woven, knotted, hand tufted and machine-made rugs. When it comes to area rugs for pet owners, it is best to invest in a synthetic polypropylene material that is considered all-performance. It makes for an easy clean-up process as its flat woven construction can easily be wiped clean.

It is recommended to clean your pet-friendly area rugs regularly in the home (at least once a week), and especially those that receive the most traffic. And when those spills do occur, especially from pets, it is important to address the spill immediately. Wash with water, spot-clean stains, remove any build-up, and allow the rug to thoroughly dry before letting dirt or particles be tracked over the surface.

Choosing Quality Colors that Are Less Likely to Fade

When choosing outdoor area rugs, it’s best to find materials that are resistant to not only humidity, mildew, and mold but also to light. Strong and direct UV rays can lighten and fade the true color of an area rug overtime. Many homes have natural light that filters in through the windows, making it crucial to consider the quality of your rugs without sacrificing the soft and cozy feel of them. Once again, polypropylene is a stable material that holds up in high light exposure areas, both indoors and out.  

Not only is light an issue, but pet owners investing in a new area rug will also be happy to know that this woven material resists color fading from heavy foot traffic. So, you can let your furry friends crawl, walk, jump, and play as much as they want while your rug remains true to its original color and quality. The construction of the UV stabilized pet-friendly rugs at offer style, variety and durability, so you can go ahead and live your life without stressing about what’s underfoot.

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5 Best-Selling Pet-Friendly Area Rugs from

Each of these flat woven rugs are constructed with 100% Fiber-Enhanced Courtron™ Polypropylene, stain-resistant, suitable for outdoor use, ideal for homes with pets. These fibers are also resistant to wear and tear, so even with plenty of foot traffic you have in your space or accidents from you or our furry critters, your rug can last you years without spending a fortune.

These are five best-selling rugs for pet owners:

  1. Dolce Aralia Rug in Naturals-Cool Onyx
  2. Everhome Rug in Checkered Point/Light Brown-Ivory
  3. Charm Rug in Tiverton/Sand-Ivory
  4. Afuera Rug in Diatomic/Halogen
  5. Dolce Rug in Palms/Silver

1. Dolce Aralia Rug in Naturals-Cool Onyx

Selecting a rug that can punch up the style of a room without being overwhelming is a difficult choice. The multi-toned Dolce Aralia Rug is a fabulous option to bring a nature motif indoors while remaining approachable with an array of black, tan and white colors. If you have a handful of pets with different colored fur, this makes for an excellent choice as their hairs are more likely to blend into the rug in between cleans.

2. Everhome Rug in Checkered Point/Light Brown-Ivory

Customers love this transitional checkered design of the Everhome Rug. Bringing an eclectic geometric design to a floor space creates symmetry while punching up the space with something unexpected. The tiled visual crafted with a flat woven construction in the Courtron™ Polypropylene means an incredibly tough design that will stand up to your busy lifestyle and active pets that share your space. Plus, it looks great indoors or out on wooden or concrete flooring, is easy to wipe clean, and resists light damage and humidity.

3. Charm Rug in Tiverton/Sand-Ivory

What ties an elegant dining room together more than a modern area rug with subtle and artistic detailing? The Charm Rug is one of our best-selling pet-friendly rugs for its textured and sophisticated motif in calming and light colorways that fit into a variety of home styles. The flat woven construction makes it easy to vacuum and wipe up wet messes. Whether your indoor living space needs a fresh and bright rug to liven up the vibe or you are seeking a simple rug for a sunroom or mudroom, this versatile motif is an easy and affordable choice.

4. Afuera Rug in Diatomic/Halogen

Taking a style cue from classic geometric tiles oftentimes used in kitchens and bathrooms, the Afuera Rug brings a vibrant and modern aesthetic to a living space. The high-contrast black and white colors are UV stabilized and won’t fade, plus the easy-to-clean Fiber-Enhanced Courtron™ Polypropylene makes this an obvious choice for pet owners. The damage that can be caused from their paws and claws don’t stand a chance with this durable construction.

5. Dolce Rug in Palms/Silver

Made with a structured tapestry construction, the Dolce Rug is an eye-catching area rug with a series of tropical palm leaves that brings a tranquil and stylistic feel to any space. Whether outdoors or in, the UV stabilized feature of the rugs material means mold, mildew, and pet accidents are a thing of the past. The icy grays and calming tans of this colorway are ideal for pet’s with lighter fur so they will appear less visible.

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