Bohemian Outdoor Rugs: Modern Bohemian Rugs for Your Patio

Modern Bohemian rugs are an incredible addition to any home. Known for its bright colors and astonishing level of detail, this design style is sure to make any room pop and get guests talking, especially for any outdoor spaces. Getting the right Bohemian outdoor rug that is both functional and beautiful is tricky, but has a wide selection of Bohemian outdoor rugs that are sure to add dimension to your space without getting ruined in the elements. But what exactly is a Bohemian outdoor rug? Keep reading below to find out more.

What is A Bohemian Rug?

The best way to describe Bohemian style is bright, colorful, and unique pieces. The style originates from Bohemians, a type of people and culture that traveled throughout Europe in the 19th century. Since they were known for being free-spirited and colorful, the Bohemian style takes from that aspect of their culture. The kind of design is also called “Boho-chic.” It is a description used for anything outside the typical and traditional. Bohemian outdoor rugs are perfect for those who love breaking the rules and adding something colorful and fun to their spaces.

Where Do Bohemian Rugs Pop?

Are you looking for a rug to brighten a space up or add some eye candy to a bland room? A Bohemian carpet would be perfect for just that. We love Bohemian rugs in all areas, really, but they shine in these locations:

  • Living room areas where a lot of hosting and traffic takes place.
  • A place currently decorated with lots of neutrals that needs some color.
  • An office to bring some brightness and joy to where people work often.
  • Outside on a porch or patio to go well with all the color and sunshine.


How Can Bohemian Rugs Dress Up Your Outdoor Space?

We mentioned above how much we love a beautiful Bohemian Rug in an outdoor space. But let’s dive into how you can specifically design those spaces with this type of rug. Colorful Bohemian rugs can bring a much-needed pop of color to your outdoor space if you’re mainly decorating with neutral or dark colors.

Or, if you love to decorate with lots of colors, a modern Bohemian rug can bring all those colors together in one piece. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional Bohemian look with brighter colors and classic designs or a modern Bohemian rug with neutral shades, either will look great on your floors – indoor or outdoor.

Top Five Outdoor Bohemian Rugs for Sale at

If you’re looking for the colorful and unique Bohemian designs for your outdoor spaces, look no further. At, we have a great selection of outdoor Bohemian Rugs. Our collections are made from the best materials for outdoor rugs and are water, mildew, and mold resistant. With our outdoor Bohemian rugs, you don’t have to worry about toxic materials, color fading, or high flammability. That means you get to enjoy your new decor for a long time, no matter the weather and conditions.

Need help choosing a rug for your space? We’ve pulled some of our favorite options from our area rug collections. Whether you need something for a darker room or an option that will tie together your greenery, we’ve got you covered with these choices.

  • Cape Gables Palm Rug
  • Dolce Mala Smoke Rug
  • Inlet Manasquan Smoke Rug
  • Harper Mali Tanzania Rug
  • Harper Madagascar Sudan Rug
  • Pasha Tribal Ivory Rug

Cape Gables Palm Rug

Do you have a lot of greenery in your backyard or patio? Or maybe you just love the color green? Then this Bohemian Rug, Cape in Palm, made with 100% Fiber-Enhanced Courtron™ Polypropylene, would be perfect for your space. The gorgeous shades of green found in this rug and unique designs will make the plants and grass in your yard pop.

cape gables bohemian rug in room

Dolce Mala Smoke Rug

Maybe all the bright colors of modern Bohemian rugs aren’t your thing, but you love all the unique designs found nowhere else. Then the Dolce rug in Mala Smoke with these gorgeous darker, neutral colors will be perfect for your space. This black rug with pops of rust will look amazing outside, especially if you have a concrete-filled space or decorate naturally with darker colors. This rug is made with 100% Fiber-Enhanced Courtron™ Polypropylene.

Inlet Manasquan Smoke Rug

The Inlet rug in Smoke is another attractive, neutral option for outdoor use. We adore all of the different designs beautifully placed on this rug. Plus, this gorgeous, dark navy color looks great in any space. Whether you’ve got a backyard with lots of green landscaping or a mostly concrete area, this rug will stand out. Plus, if you love shopping to help the environment, you can rest easy knowing this rug is made from high-content recycled materials.

Harper Mali Tanzania Rug

We love the Harper rug in Tanzania. This Bohemian outdoor rug has it all. Splashes of color and unique designs that Bohemian rugs are known for. Whether you decorate your space with more neutrals or super colorful pieces, this decoration will be great for any room or patio. This rug is also made with 100% Fiber-Enhanced Courtron™ Polypropylene and is perfect for big fans of blue.

Harper Madagascar Sudan Rug

Some spaces need a simple, one-note rug. That’s why we love the neutral brown featured in the Harper rug in Sudan. It has a classic look with quirky designs throughout. This is the perfect modern Bohemian rug for you. Like the other rugs mentioned above, this rug uses 100% Fiber-Enhanced Courtron™ Polypropylene.

Pasha Tribal Ivory Rug

Suppose you’re looking for a gorgeous, modern Bohemian rug with many colors and unique designs for your indoor space. In that case, we love the Pasha rug in Ivory. While the background is a calm white that can fit into any space, the rainbow of colors featured on this piece brighten up any area. We especially love the light blue mixed with that gorgeous purple. This machine-woven rug made with 100% polyester, saddle-stitched edges, and non-skid backing will look great in any home.

Shop Our Large Selection of Colorful Bohemian Rugs for Sale

Are you ready to get started with the best Bohemian rugs for sale? Online shopping can be tricky, especially when it comes to rugs. You want a functional and beautiful piece for your house, and you don’t want to take a gamble on ordering something you’re not sure. But takes pride in our high-quality outdoor Bohemian rugs that are both colorful and functional.

Our rugs use quality fibers, are built to last, and contain designs that fit any style. Suppose you didn’t see a specific rug that called out to a particular need. In that case, we encourage you to shop our new arrivals to find that perfect Bohemian rug for your home.