Chic Holiday Accent Rugs: Top Holiday Area Rugs for Christmas

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Finding holiday accent rugs that are both festive and chic can be a challenge. In the autumn and winter months, many people want to add some new or festive touches to their home with decorations that complement their space and look cozy for company. Holiday accents rugs do just that. Before cooking the Thanksgiving turkey, hanging up holiday lights or cutting down the Christmas tree, find the perfect holiday area rugs to prepare your home for celebrations and guests.

Holiday Area Rugs for a Seasonal Room Refresh

Chic holiday accent rugs are a great option for refreshing the look and feel of a room, by updating your décor for the new year or incorporating some nice holiday colors. With the right holiday area rugs, a space becomes cozy and warm during the colder months – especially with the right material and color choices. Area rugs lend color, and vibrancy to a room, which can add some holiday cheer to your home décor. Whether you are updating your home for the new year or trying to add some classic seasonal colors, there are plenty of holiday accent rugs available online that will meet your vision.

How to Choose Holiday Area Rugs for a Space

There are a few things to consider when choosing holiday area rugs for your home. Beyond sizing choices, it is also important to look at other factors like the color. Around the holidays, it is nice to switch to deeper colors to increase the coziness in any room. Lighter colors make the room look more spacious, which is especially nice in the spring and summer months. The best choice may also vary depending on the type of room you are decorating, there are best practices for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and beyond. For comprehensive directions on how to choose the right rug for any space, see our guide for how to select a rug.

When it comes picking the right rug for a space, there are some other important things to note. One of the most important aspects of your rug choice is the material. High quality, comfortable materials make a massive difference for those who want to make their house especially comfortable. That is why it is important to purchase from reputable retailers that ensure material quality.

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Top Area Rugs for Christmas and Winter Holidays

Ready to start shopping for some area rugs for Christmas, Thanksgiving and beyond? Start by checking out our favorite holiday inspired items. Whether you prefer a traditional look, or a bright modern feel, there are plenty to choose from. See some of the best holiday accent rug options available through below:

  • Old World Classics Rug
  • Aspen Textured Stripes Rug
  • Chic Ruby Red Rug
  • Timeless Treasures Burgundy Rug
  • Brocatelle Lampas Rug 
  • Halli Kerman Rug

Old-World Classics Rug

The Old-World Classics Rug calls to mind ancient historic patterns and has a rich, rustic color spectrum that will not overpower a room. Made from semi-worsted New Zealand Wool, this rug feels amazing on the feet, and is face-to-face Wilton woven. With numerous sizes, these holiday area rugs look gorgeous in a living room, bedroom, or dining room and they will beautifully compliment all your favorite seasonal decorations. 

2. Aspen Textured Stripes Rug

A bright, clean area rug can add a lot of sophistication to a space before upcoming holiday celebrations. An excellent option is the Aspen Textured Stripes Rug. Handmade in India with numerous different sizes -- it complements any room perfectly. Made from 100% pure wool, it has a hand-loomed loop pile and textured linear striped pattern in soothing transitional colors. These holiday area rugs are especially versatile and will make your home look great year-round. Order one today to make your home look modern and up to date for the new year.

3. Chic Ruby Red Rug

A beautiful red rug like this Jerrico Ruby Area Rug is an excellent choice for warming up a space for the holidays. This particular rug has classic transitional designs and a high-low carved effect, making it more dynamic and interesting. It comes in multiple sizes and has a rich, jewel-toned color palette that feels especially festive during the winter months. Suitable for many different spaces, it would work perfectly placed in an entry way to welcome guests or in a rustic-chic living room.

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4. Timeless Treasures Burgundy Rug

This Timeless Treasures Rug is another classic burgundy piece that brings a lot of character to a space without overpowering it. An excellent pick if you are having company, this rug has a beautiful fashion-inspired Persian pattern with numerous geometric shapes and rich colors. It is face-to-face Wilton woven and extremely comfortable on the feet, made from semi-worsted New Zealand wool.

4. Brocatelle Lampas Rug

For a more abstract and artistic rug that will go with nearly any furniture style, the Brocatelle Lampas Rug is a great option. This beautiful silver and cream rug would work perfectly in a modern living room or dining room – but can also complement many kitchen designs. The unpredictable pattern and mood hues have a contemporary and eye-catching appeal. With a unique blend of 70% Heat-Set Courtron™ Polypropylene and 30% Shrink Polyester, it is super comfortable to walk on and easy to clean. Power-loomed in Turkey, these rugs come in plenty of sizes and work perfectly during the holidays and year-round.

5. Halli Kerman Rug

If you are looking to quickly refresh your space for company, a colorful modern classic design may the best pick for you. A favorite for this is the Halli Kerman Rug. This one comes in several different sizes and is cross-woven on Wilton looms, allowing for up to 72 colors per design -- making for especially interesting décor pieces. This is also a great option for people that live in a smaller home like an apartment. Brighter colors open a space and make it feel bigger. An exciting and refreshing holiday accent rug is ideal for people who prefer a fun, bright feel and want to steer away from traditional seasonal looks.

Getting Your Space Ready for Company with Holiday Area Rugs

To keep a room interesting, many designers recommend making small décor tweaks with the seasons to transition a space throughout a year. Holiday area rugs are one of the easiest ways to quickly transform and refresh a room. If you are feeling tired of a space, don’t waste unnecessary time and money adjusting paint colors and large furniture pieces. One area rug can change the look and feel instantly. Having unique area rugs for Christmas time, spring, summer, and fall (or at least bi-annual switches) makes for a quick and fun change.

Find Beautiful Holiday Accent Rugs

If you are interested in shopping a large selection of area rugs for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other time of the year, check out all our styles at With access to hundreds of gorgeous designs, materials, colors, and sizes, you have everything needed to change up your home. If you are looking for outdoor area rugs, digitally printed rugs, handmade rugs, and beyond, we have the perfect piece for any space.