How to Clean Outdoor Rugs: Saving Time with Easy-to-Clean Outdoor Rugs

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Wondering how to clean outdoor rugs? Sometimes it is easy to forget to wash outdoor furniture pieces, but it makes all the difference for patio décor and outdoor entertaining. Whether you are revving up for a summer of barbeques or want to give your outdoor rug a quick clean before storing it for the winter -- there are some simple methods to make sure it continues to look fresh and new.

What Makes an Easy-to-Clean Outdoor Rug?

Easy-to-clean outdoor rugs are typically made from synthetic materials that can stand up to water and weather without damage. These materials are particularly durable and can therefore be washed super easily right on your porch or driveway.

We do not recommend machine washable rugs for outdoor use. Typically, machine washable rugs are made from lower-quality material and do not hold up for long periods outdoors. They also tend to easily discolor and lose their vibrancy from frequent laundering. Luckily, if you are wondering how to clean outdoor rugs, there are plenty of super simple methods that take just a few minutes and will not ruin your rug (or your washing machine).

How to Clean Outdoor Rugs

With the growing popularity of outdoor rugs for patios, poolsides, and porches, more people are wondering how to properly care for these pieces. Proper maintenance and care are super important for any rug and outdoor rugs are no different. Wondering how to clean outdoor rugs? See our comprehensive guide below.

Tips for How to Clean Outdoor Rugs:

  1. Removing Dust and Dirt
  2. Washing With Water
  3. Spot Cleaning Stains
  4. Removing Build-up
  5. Thoroughly Drying
  6. Proper Storage and Maintenance

1. Removing Dust and Dirt

If your outdoor rug is starting to look a bit discolored or shabby, it might just need a quick dirt removal. This can be done in a few ways. Some people choose to just pick up the rug and shake it outside. This loosens and removes the bulk of dirt sitting on the rug. If it’s too heavy to shake, you can hang it up on a railing or clothesline and shake it. You can also just plug in a vacuum and run it over the easy-to-clean outdoor rug. A vacuum can easily get between the fibers of the rug and suck up any remaining dust and dirt that is sitting there. Another option is to bring out a broom and sweep off any excess grime.

2. Washing With Water

One of the best parts about easy-to-clean outdoor rugs is that they are water resistant and will not develop mold or mildew after getting wet. That means you can simply use water to quickly clean the rug. To wash it with water, you can just use a hose to wet it and clean the entire thing. For extra cleansing, use a bucket of soap, vinegar, or laundry detergent.

Normally, a quick shake or vacuum will do the trick to freshen up the rug, but it is a good idea to give it a soap and water wash every season, or whenever something that could smell spills on it. If the thing that spills is prone to staining, see our tips for spot cleaning below.

3. Spot Cleaning Stains

If you spill something on your outdoor rug and want to avoid staining, the good news is that easy-to-clean outdoor rugs do not stain too easily. The material is designed to not absorb liquids. However, if some wine or chocolate ice cream drips onto your outdoor rug, there are some easy steps to make sure it does not leave a mark. You can simply spot clean these spills with some soapy water or club soda – which is especially helpful for acidic stains. Simply dab the spot with a cloth and detergent. Try your best not to smear or rub anything in too much.

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4. Removing Build Up

Luckily, our outdoor rugs are completely mold and mildew resistant. However, if your outdoor rug is left out in especially moist and humid conditions for a long period of time, it may need a quick cleaning to remove buildup from weather or dirt. If this occurs, the rug should still be salvageable. Outdoor rugs are designed to not adhere to these materials, so a quick wash with water and soap should do the trick. You can also use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub away anything that is sticking to the fibers. Ultimately, a quick hose should get rid of most of the buildup, and some detergent should remove any smell caused by the dirt. Be sure to let the rug thoroughly dry before placing anything on it or putting it in the shade.

5. Thoroughly Drying

Drying an outdoor rug is extremely easy. It simply needs to be left out in dry air for a few hours. To speed up the process, simply hang up the rug for extra aeration. To really get it dry, flip it a few times to make sure it does not have any remaining moisture. Before placing your rug back into its position, be sure to sweep off any sub-surface debris like leaves, flower petals or dirt to make sure it looks fresh and clean. It is best to save this task for a sunny day when it is not humid to ensure it is in the best conditions to dry quickly and efficiently.

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6. Proper Storage and Maintenance

Wondering how to clean outdoor rugs and make them last a lot longer? Proper storage and maintenance can go a long way. When winter comes around, it is best to roll up your rug and store it for the season if you don’t plan on using it. This avoids excessive soaking with snow throughout the colder months so it will be ready to go in the spring. Before storing your rug, give it a quick vacuum, or wash and dry it using the methods above, allowing it to dry completely before rolling and storing.

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Improving Your Outdoor Space with an Easy-to-Clean Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs can make a huge difference to an outdoor space, bringing a ton of color and personality to a porch or patio. Pairing it with your outdoor furniture is easy because there are tons of styles, sizes, and colors. See our guide to designing with rugs to learn more about choosing the perfect dimensions and style to make your space look perfect for your next outdoor event.

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