Novelty Area Rugs: Fun Area Rugs for Quick Room Transformations

Novelty area rugs can provide a fun, colorful, or interesting element to any room. While they are perfect for a den or kids’ playroom, they can also add a whimsical element to cornerstone rooms in a household. With the addition of fun area rugs, your home has a conversation starter built-in, and has pieces that make it feel more original and exciting. It’s a great trick to make a quick room transformation in a space where the décor is getting tired or boring.

Top Novelty Areas

When a space feels outdated, it’s tempting to jump into painting, furniture shopping, and other big (and expensive) changes – but many people underestimate the power of a new rug. It can easily brighten up a room and add a fresh modern look with minimal effort. More and more people are using rugs as fun statement pieces, with eclectic colors and patterns that completely change the atmosphere of a room. When it comes to these kinds of redesigns, novelty rugs are the perfect place to start.

Interested in finding some the best novelty area rugs? The first step is finding high-quality options that are comfortable and designed to last. That can be done easily by browsing through the massive selection of high quality rugs on Whether you need some fun area rugs for your living room, an outdoor patio, or anything in between, has something for you.

See some of our favorite fun area rugs for quick and super effective room transformations below.

Recife Elephant Rug in Cocoa Black

Looking for fun area rugs that have a neutral color pallet and an eye-catching pattern? The Recife Elephant Rug in Cocoa Black is.a great option. This fiber enhanced Courtron Polypropylene rug is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and completely resistant to mold, mildew, sun damage, and other elemental impacts from being placed outside. Its material and flatwoven construction making it super easy to clean and maintain. This novelty rug is unique but subtle, so it suits all kinds of interior styles.

Amur Leopard Rug in New Gold

The Amur Leopard Rug in New Gold is a great choice for people seeking a great piece for any room. This one would look amazing in a walk-in closet or a bedroom -- with a fun, feminine vibe. This works best with a warm colored room -- but it can bring a fun edge to an outdoor seating area. It has a soft, flat weave and structured tapestry construction, so looks great and can stand up to any wear. Bold prints become the focal point of a room and work best with solid or subdued patterns on furniture. This funky pattern is super chic and recommended for any space in need of a stylish accent.

Areca Palms Rug in Azure Forest Green

The Areca Palms Rug in Azure Forest Green is another indoor-outdoor rug that adds a ton of brightness and fun to any space. It comes in tons of sizes and colors, providing a tropical touch to a small space or a large living room area. This best-selling leafy rug has beautiful blues and greens, drawing the eye to your space, and complementing a variety of indoor décor styles and outdoor patio furniture. With a comfortable and durable hand-hooked construction, it’s designed to last in a multitude of conditions.

Rainbow Candiland Multi Rug

The Rainbow Candiland Multi Rug is a popular choice from the Rainbow Collection on The Rainbow Collection features beautiful rainbow options in a variety of patterns and bright hues of blue, red, orange, yellow, green, and indigo. This specific one has a fun, wavy pattern with numerous shades of various colors. It looks great in a den that needs a pop of color – a whimsical themed children’s room.

Prairie Hides Larvik Rug in Ivory and Black

The Prairie Hides Larvik Rug in Ivory and Black has a machine-woven base with a cotton micro-suede backing. It is ideal for hygee and bohemian décor, with a funky organic shape that will stand out. This particular prarie rug is inspired by cow hide, covered with a white background and black spots. It perfectly complements a woodsy cabin style home or a bright, modern room décor. Interested in a different color scheme? Check out the softer colors in the Oslo/Pepper Praire hyde Rug. All these animal hide-inspired rugs come in various sizes, so you can add a funky touch to any kind of room or décor style.

Recife Rope Knot in Ivory and Indigo

The Recife Rope Knot in Ivory and Indigo is a nautical take on novelty area rugs. It comes in a beautiful deep indigo that complements a wide variety of home interiors and has an eye-catching knotted design around the edges, beautifully framing a space. This is an indoor and outdoor rug, so it would look perfect at a beach house or on an outdoor deck. It is completely mold and mildew resistant, and totally pet friendly, because it’s super easy to clean (learn how to clean outdoor rugs). Order this one today to start planning your spring and summer decorating.

recife rope knot rug, indigo and ivory rug

Dolce Rug in Bamboo Frost

The Dolce Rug in Bamboo Frost Rug is a beautiful organic style of novelty area rug. It looks great with a variety of bright colors and can add a lot of fun to rooms with bright walls. If you have a large collection of houseplants, this rug will complement them perfectly. The bright greens give any room a fresh feel and it comes in several sizes and shapes to suit your space. This rug is a favorite for entryways, mud rooms, and garden seating. 

Transforming a Space with the Right Novelty Area Rugs

Untimely, novelty area rugs can refresh your home with a piece that is bright, fun, and interesting. It brings more originality to a space. Plus, having a few fun area rugs to switch out throughout the year transitions a space as the seasons change. Whether you need holiday area rugs or something brighter for the spring and summer months, there are plenty of eclectic rugs to make your rooms original and exciting. To learn more about best practices for how to select a rugsizing a rug, and designing with rugs, see our comprehensive guides for knowing your rug and finding the ideal option for your space. With the right product selection and information, you can confidently buy your next favorite piece of décor.

Buy the Best Novelty Area Rugs Online

If you are ready to look at our full selection of novelty area rugs available, check them out at We have an amazing, curated online shop of fun area rugs that can make your space feel lively and exciting. Several can be placed both indoors and outdoors, for ultimate convenience and flexibility. Shop our collections of bohemian rugsgeometric rugs, and novelty rugs to find the right fit for any home.

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