Office Area Rug: Home Office Rug Ideas to Brighten Up Your Workspace

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Office area rugs can elevate a workspace and pull together a room’s décor. Whether you’re making the home office of your dreams or trying to refresh the workspace for your team, a single rug can make a real impact. If you’re looking for some office rug ideas to inspire your workplace, see some top office rugs below:

Office Area Rug: Creating an Inspiring Space  

A large furniture piece like an office area rug can bring a completely new look and feel to a room. A common consideration for decorators is the psychology behind different color choices for walls, rugs, and carpeting. Since employees spend so much time in their workspace, it’s worth considering how their surroundings impact the way they feel throughout the day. Selecting colors that align with creativity, energy, or even security can make a difference.

10 Office Rug Ideas by Color: Best-Selling Office Rugs

So, how does the color of décor impact the way a room makes you feel? And what are some interesting options that will liven up your workspace? Check out some of the best-selling office rugs by color on 

  1. Black 
  2. Blue 
  3. Green
  4. Orange
  5. Pink
  6. Purple
  7. Red 
  8. Tan
  9. White
  10. Yellow/Gold

1. Black: Afuera Yacht Club/Onyx-Ivory Rug

Black décor items can stabilize bright colors in a room. If you opt for brighter wall paint or furniture pieces, a primarily black rug can bring it all together. The Afuera Yacht Club/Onyx-Ivory rug is a great, black and white lined rug that does just that in your workspace. This flatwoven option is suitable for indoor or outdoor use but would go great in a meeting area in a bright, colorful office.

2. Blue: Nirvana Topiary/Greystone Rug

Blue is one of the most traditionally professional colors for any office space. It’s believed to promote calmness, loyalty, and intelligence. If you want a great, calming office area rug, the Nirvana Topiary/Greystone rug is a great choice. This face-to-face wilton woven floral rug’s soothing colors will look ideal in your home office. Plus, the high pile provides more cushion, so it’s great for those with standing desks to improve ergonomics. 

3. Green: Dolce Palm Lily/Hunter Green-Ivory Rug

Have a great collection of office plants? The Dolce Palm Lily/Hunter Green-Ivory rug will pair perfectly them. Green brings nature to mind and makes people feel safe. This is a great option for therapy offices -- or any home office. It brings a bright, refreshing vibe to any room. Its structured tapestry construction instantly grabs your attention.

Dolce palm rug

4. Orange: Recife Veranda/Natural-Terra-Cotta Rug

Orange is a color known for inspiring creativity – which is why many famous creative brands opt for this hue in their décor. The Recife Veranda/Natural-Terra-Cotta rug is a great, sophisticated rug with a delicate orange line design. It’s made from highly durable fiber-enhanced Courtron™ Polypropylene, making it the perfect, long lasting option for any workshop or crafting space. 

5. Pink: Pasha Arcadia/Garnet Rug

Pink tones tend to bring emotions of warmth, comfort, and sweetness when incorporated into décor. The Pasha Arcadia/Garnet rug is a primarily pink rug with complementary blue and soft green accents. It has a traditional rug pattern with vivid colors for a modern twist. This office area rug would look great in waiting room or under a desk in your home office. 

Pink pasha rug in living room

6. Purple: Marseille Cassis/Plum Rug

Purple décor can spark passion and tends to bring intensity to a room. Known as a color of royalty, purple tones can completely change the feel of an office. Made in Belgium with a flatweave construction, the Marseille Cassis/Plum rug features a soft plum color and organic, leaf-like patterns for a natural sophistication. It looks great with light wood floors and funky furniture in a modern meeting space.

7. Red: Outdurable Flower Festival/Coral-Dune Rug 

Red is known as one of the most energetic colors for décor. Ideal for active workplaces or keeping up your energy throughout the workday, a red home office rug will keep you inspired. 

The Outdurable Flower Festival/Coral-Dune rug features a beautiful bright coral color paired with light blue, with eye catching mandala patterns. Can’t decide between a brightly colored rug or a more neutral tone? This rug is actually reversible so you can switch it up with the seasons.

8. Tan: Nature's Elements Gravity/Natural -Tan Rug

Tan colors are classic and neutral and evoke feelings of warmth and security in décor. It pairs well with almost any color you can think of, making it a perfect option for a long-lasting rug. The Nature's Elements Gravity/Natural -Tan rug is a great choice for someone looking for an organic tan rug. With waves of other soft color tones and an interesting line pattern, this office rug is anything but boring. 

9. White: Praire Hides Geilo/Ivory-Buck Rug

White décor highlights items in the space around it and can make a room feel larger. Many people opt for white walls to bring a brightness and airiness to a room. The Praire Hides Geilo/Ivory-Buck rug is a great, funky choice that will make your office feel modern and chic. It’s ivory and brown colors bring a natural feel to the room – and it makes for a great conversation piece in any meeting space. 

10. Yellow/Gold: Impressions Tea Leaf/Honey-Gold Rug

Yellow tones bring a warm, cheery feel to a room. Yellow décor can instantly brighten up a space and highlight other features. The Impressions Tea Leaf/Honey-Gold rug is a sophisticated rug with deep gold tones and a subtle leaf pattern. Made from a blend of New Zealand semi-worsted wool, with Tibetan wool and viscose highlights, this hand-knotted golden rug will bring luxurious feel to any office space. 

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