Rainbow Rug: Top Colorful Rainbow Area Rugs to Brighten Your Home

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A rug is an important piece in the story of your home. It is a piece of furniture used every day and can either accent decor or completely tie the space together. Luckily there is a variety of rug colors, shapes, designs, and more to choose from. Learn how a rainbow rug can be the missing chapter to your home’s story.

Rainbow area rugs are a great investment for any home. However, buyers should be well informed about where to buy handmade rugs online and how to clean outdoor rugs to ensure they find what works best – and care for it so it lasts.

Rainbow Area Rug

A rainbow rug may seem like a bold choice to match with the rest of your home. However, finding the right rainbow area rug is easier than it may seem. A rainbow rug has a lot of colors and has the potential to match with all the colors in your home, but with the right selection you’ll find great rugs and tips to make your decision easier.

Need help finding the right rug? Take inspiration from statement rugs that push the boundaries of design and provide great results to give a different feel to a home. There are many different styles for a rainbow area rug which also pushes the boundaries of design. Learn what would fit best in your home below.

The Top 5 Rainbow Colored Rugs

  1. Rainbow Candiland Multi Rug
  2. Rainbow Flavors Spearmint Multi Rug
  3. Rainbow Retro Multi Rug
  4. Rainbow Dancing Bears Multi Rug
  5. Rainbow Passion Multi Rugs

Rainbow Candiland Multi Rug

The Candiland rainbow rug is a great choice to bring in a variety of colors across the spectrum with a unique and fun design. The colors blend into one another through the transitioning of hues to have a gradual rainbow area rug that balances with other colors in your home.

The flow and curvature of the design have an inviting attitude that draws the eyes, but the rainbow rug doesn’t have to be the focus of the room. The rug blends nicely due to the shapes of the design, breaking down a room that may have a lot of sharp angles or complementing an open floor concept. This rainbow colored rug sits well with furniture of a variety of colors or can break apart the monotony of a similar color scheme to a room to add a pop.

Rainbow Flavors Spearmint Multi Rug

Rainbow area rug

For those wary of introducing a lot of color through a rainbow rug, consider the Flavors rug. The rug provides a hue of colors, but also allows a break in the color with white space to not overwhelm the eye. The transition between colors is complemented by the white space to bring more personality to each stripe.

The rainbow area rug stands out by breaking the mold of straight lines by providing breaks in the continuity of the colors, giving a more organic feel. The linear design can feel less intrusive than a splash of color through another rainbow colored rug, making it easy to fit into a variety of rooms. The rug matches with furniture of nearly any color and room layout. The rug works well as a centerpiece or a complementary feature to make it feel cozier.

Rainbow Retro Multi Rug

The Retro rug is a great eye-catching rainbow colored rug with its splash of color and bold design. The rug makes use of various shapes and colors to make its mark. The shapes and colors can clash with each other creating endless opportunities to find patterns and intricate designs.

The geometric shapes set this rug apart as they call for your attention. This rug can be tricky to match to a specific room as it has the potential to clash with many other colors and patterns. Pair this rug with more mellow colors and furniture so as to not feel a conflict between where the eye should land.

This rug brings energy into your home like photosynthesis fuels plants. Understanding a space’s intent is a crucial part of interior design and this rug has a demanding tone that can pair nicely with more neutral colors and furniture.

Rainbow Dancing Bears Multi Rug

Rainbow colored rug

A creative way to introduce a rainbow colored rug is the Dancing Bears rug in the style of tie-dye. The addition of this rug to a room will help bring in a splash of color in a fun and exciting way. The colors bleed into one another to create seamless transitions and are easy on the eyes

The spiral design combined with the tie-dye provides new opportunities to design a room to match the aesthetic of the rug or have it contrast with the rest of the space. The soft angles of the curve can be matched with curved furniture to create an innovative flow in a room. The Dancing Bears rug is a creative way to add a big splash of color into a room without being too aggressive as the colors blend with one another and introduce a little white space to highlight the other colors present. 

Rainbow Passion Multi Rugs

The Passion rainbow colored rug is what you expect when you hear about a rainbow rug. The gradient changes from one color to the next, providing a big splash of new colors to a room. The rug blends the color very slightly with the lines being not completely straight or intact. 

The simple design and consistency of color makes this rug an easy addition to many homes as it feels non-invasive and can blend with many pieces of furniture. This rug can stand on its own or be the last part of the equation for the feel of a room. The Passion rug works well in many rooms in a home, whether that be the living, dining, or a bedroom. The style of the rug can help bring an emphasis into a room and change the overall feel.

Tips for Finding the Right Rainbow Colored Rug 

Rug with rainbow colors

Finding the right rainbow rug can be a difficult task as you need to consider how the colors and design play into the space. The spectrum of color may be difficult to complement with the variety of colors already present. The designs can range from calm to sharp and aggressive creating more factors to consider for your purchase.

Some tips to help you find the right rainbow rugs:

  • Identify the current color scheme
  • Find samples to compare and contrast
  • Consider the focal point of the room
  • Plan a redesign of the space

The Next Steps 

Finding the best rug for your vision may require some trial and error or it could be love at first sight. There are many factors, colors, designs, sizes, and more to choose from, but it is also an exciting time to picture how to design a space you care about. The rugs above provide a lot of personality and can tie a room together with splashes of color.

Also, consider a soft shag rug or bohemian outdoor rugs for other ways to bring a sense to the spaces in your home or patio.

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