Statement Rugs: Statement Area Rugs to Step Outside Design Boundaries

If you’re someone who likes to decorate with bold and fun options, then you should consider purchasing a statement area rug for your home. In this blog, we’ll talk about what statement rugs are, how a statement area rug can improve any room or home, and our favorite rug options you can purchase right from Get ready to design with the fun and the funky.

What Is a Statement Rug or a Novelty Rug?

A statement area rug, or a novelty rug, is a singular design piece that can take your room and house to a whole new level. Perfect ways to describe statement area rugs are bold, unique, funky, and unusual. It’s something that is unlike anything else in your home, whether that means a fresh take on numerous colors, unique designs, or interesting shapes and textures. For example, a black and white geometric rug can add so much to a room you’ve decorated with mostly bold colors. Or a brightly colored floral carpet can add a pop of color to neutral, traditional designs.

Easy Design Change That Makes the Most Impact

Adding statement area rugs to your home is the easiest, most cost-effective way to make a massive difference in any room. It’s one piece that can have many different colors, designs, and themes. To achieve the same level of design and color that a rug can add to your home, you’d have to paint the walls, buy new furniture, or even go through a major renovation. If you’re trying to find something small you can do to bring in a lot of warmth and joy to your room, a rug is the best way to do just that.

Shows Your Personality

Statement area rugs are funky, bold, and filled with unusual colors and designs. If you’re looking for a rug as a piece that will show off your colorful and fun personality, a statement area rug will do the trick. Grab one with your favorite color combo, or let a design speak to you. Either way, purchasing a rug solely because it reminds you of you is a great way to decorate your home.

statement area rugs, red rug under chair

Tells a Story

There are so many statement rugs out there with unique prints with patterns, prints, or designs. If you have a house filled with animal decorations, a statement rug will help complete that story. Or, if you’re trying to go for a certain mood or feeling, a statement rug will fill in the blanks where a plain and straightforward rug won’t be able to.

Starts a Conversation

While neutral decorating options will surely get compliments, statement area rugs will get a conversation flowing. Imagine walking into a room with a bold tiger fur rug or something with every color in the rainbow. You’ll naturally want to discuss with the homeowner why they made that purchase and what the carpet means to them. If you’re hoping to get people thinking and noticing things in your house, purchase a statement rug.

Our Favorite Statement Area Rugs on

Are you ready to take the leap and buy a bold and funky statement area rug for your home? We’re so excited for you. To help make the purchasing journey easier on you, we’ve pulled some of our favorite statement rug options from our online store. As with every rug on our website, whether it’s bold or neutral, you can rest easy knowing that they’re high-quality and perfect for any home. We make the online shopping experience positive and rewarding. See our top choices below.

Rainbow Candiland Multi Rug

We are obsessed with the stunning, bright colors featured in this statement area rug. If you are looking for a piece that will bring a lot of color and brightness to your room, we encourage you to grab this Rainbow Multi-color rug. If you’re already decorating with color, this rug will bring all those bold choices together in one centerpiece. It’s a machine-woven base area rug with 100% polyester, has a non-skid backing, and saddle-stitched edges, so it’ll last a lifetime.

Covington Flamingos Multi Rug

Do you love flamingos? Or a beachy, tropical, or fun theme for a room? Then you can’t go wrong with this Covington rug with flamingos. This statement area rug would look fantastic in your outdoor space, in a sunroom, or even in your living room if you want to show off these cute birds for everyone to see. Since you can use it to decorate inside and outside the home, it’s made with 100% Fiber-Enhanced Courtron™ Polypropylene and mold and mildew resistant.

flamingo multi statement rug

Praire Hides Geilo Ivory-Black Rug

If you’re filling your home with a country, bohemian, or hygge style, then this Prairie Hides rug in Ivory and Black would be a perfect choice. Cowhide décor is pretty rare these days, which makes this choice a bold talking piece. We love this statement rug, mainly because it emulates an authentic cowhide rug but doesn’t require an actual cow to make it. It’s also perfect for anyone decorating with more natural colors, because this will fit right in with those softer tones.

Dolce Bengal New Gold Rug

While we’re on the theme of animals, nothing is bolder than a vibrant and eye-catching animal print. This gorgeous Dolce rug in Bengal, New Gold colors shows off a fun tiger pattern. Perfect for those decorating with an animal or jungle theme, this statement area rug will catch everyone’s attention and get a conversation started. Even better, this rug can go outside or inside. That means it’s mold, mildew, and water-resistant and will last a long time, no matter the elements you find yourself in.

Covington Rip Tide Ocean Green

This Covington rug in RipTide, Ocean-Green colors is one of the funkiest, boldest patterned rugs we have on our online store. We love the green and blue-themed colors, as well as the unique floral designs featured throughout. This statement area rug is perfect for anyone needing a pop of color. We especially love how it looks outside with blue skies and a green garden.

Fallen in Love with Statement Rugs? Grab the Perfect One for Your Home

If you’re sold on something unique, different, and bold for your home, a statement rug is a perfect way to go. We recommend searching for something that tells your story, really grabs your attention, and feels super unique. Don’t be afraid to go for something different or out of the ordinary. Search our area rug collections to see all the high-quality articles we carry. Our process makes buying a rug online easy and painless, meaning you can get to the fun of decorating quicker.