What is the Best Material for Outdoor Rugs? Quality Fiber Content

Outdoor Rug Material

What is the best material for outdoor rugs? Finding the best material for outdoor rugs means looking at the comfort, ability to handle weather, the overall durability of the weave. Over the years, rug designers have honed the ideal materials to meet the needs of consumers -- and that has resulted in beautifully designed pieces that can withstand the rain, last a long time, and bring a lot of personality to an outdoor space.

Best Material for Outdoor Rug: What is the Best Outdoor Rug Material?

The best material for outdoor rugs must be designed specifically to withstand the outdoor elements, retain color with sun exposure, and combat any potential mold and mildew buildup. Rugsdecor.com opts to use 100% Courtron™ polypropylene. It’s a comfortable and durable synthetic fiber that is super easy to care for and can handle weather effortlessly. Other outdoor rugs are made from a green fiber called PET,  which is largely made from recycled materials. Both CourtronTM Polypropylene and PET rugs are strong, soft, and extremely easy to clean.

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Top Five Outdoor Rugs at Rugs Decor

Interested in exploring some of the best materials for outdoor rugs with beautiful designs? We compiled some of the best-selling polypropylene rugs on Rugsdecor.com. See our top five outdoor rugs below.

1. Covington Monstera and Cream Multi Outdoor Rug

If you are looking for a great outdoor rug for a beach house or poolside space, Covington Monstera and Cream Multi outdoor rug is a good option with a bold print. Its nautical design was hand-hooked – creating a comfortable looped pile and beautiful image construction. The novelty design and bright colors add a lot of brightness and whimsey to a porch.


2. Monaco Tropical Palms and Aqua Outdoor Rug

The Monaco Tropical Palms and Aqua outdoor rug has a gorgeous leaf design with soft beachy colors and a comfortable flat weave. It has a classic, sophisticated appearance and would look perfect on a welcoming front porch or patio. If you are wondering what material is best for outdoor rugs, this one will last a long time and add a ton of character to your yard.

3. Dolce Palm Lily in Hunter Green and Ivory Outdoor Rug

If you are looking for a bold statement piece for a lush green outdoor space, the Dolce Palm Lily in Hunter Green and Ivory outdoor rug is an excellent choice. This leafy rug will bring out all the beautiful colors in a garden or patio space and adds a fun, fantastic feel to your backyard. Match it with other bright patterns and plants to add a ton of character to your home.

4. Recife Checkered Field in Black Cocoa Outdoor Rug

Sometimes a bold pattern can make the biggest impact on a patio or outdoor dining area. One of our favorite options with the best material for outdoor rugs is the Recife Checkered Field in Black Cocoa outdoor rug. It has a flat weave with zero pile height, reducing buildup and making cleaning effortless. This color beautifully complements wooden outdoor furniture and would look perfect on a lakeside dock or next to a pool.

5. Charm Thornbury in Sand and Ivory Outdoor Rug

The Charm Thornbury in Sand and Ivory rug comes in warm tan, cream and blue colors, bringing a softness to your outdoor space. If you are wondering what is the best material for outdoor rugs -- when it comes to softness, this one is the best. It is made with structured flatwoven construction, creating a unique textured appearance. This works perfectly placed below patio furniture, or in front of an outdoor bar cart.

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Performance Testing

All of the outdoor rugs featured on Rugsdecor.com undergo six-point performance testing to ensure it can withstand the elements. These tests confirm that the rug meets high standards for surface flammability, material toxicity, UV stabilization and color fastness, as well as resistance to wear, humidity, mold, and mildew. Following approval, the rugs are prepared for any outdoor space, in any climate.

UV Resistant and Weather-Proof Outdoor Rugs

Some of the most important qualities of outdoor rugs is ultraviolet (UV) resistance and weather-proof material. These features greatly extend the lifespan of an outdoor rug, ensuring the colors in the fabric do not fade, and water does not penetrate the fibers in the material. Another important feature of truly weather-proof material is mold and mildew resistance. Your outdoor rug will likely be fully exposed to the elements and will also likely get wet. Polypropylene is designed to not take on water, meaning it never has the opportunity to grow mold or mildew over time.

While outdoor rugs automatically wick away a large portion of the water, debris, and potential stains, it’s a good idea to give it a clean a few times a year to keep the colors vibrant and the material fresh. See our guide on how to clean outdoor rugs for step-by-step instructions on how to dust off, spot clean, wash, and dry your rug with the best results. Small steps like these safeguard them for years and years.

Choosing a Design: What Material is Best for Outdoor Rugs

If you are wondering what material is best for outdoor rugs, you are probably also looking at the many designs available in these materials. Depending on the fiber and weave of your rug, you will likely find a wide array of colors and designs within that category. Selecting the right look for your outdoor space greatly depends on the furniture, size and other colors present within that space – not to mention the different themes and patterns that may repeat within your décor. Take a look at our guide to designing with rugs for more tips and tricks.

Sizing and Placing Your Outdoor Rugs

Sizing outdoor rugs is a similar process to sizing indoor rugs. Assess the size of the space and the furniture within it. For a centrally located rug in a gathering spot, measure the area around the front legs of the couches and chairs in that sitting space. Your outdoor rug should be big enough so the furniture can at least partially rest on the rug, otherwise, it will make the space appear compact. See our guide to sizing a rug for more information on choosing the right shape and dimensions for any space.

Placing your furniture on the durable rug material also reduces scratching on your deck – and helps define different areas within your outdoor entertaining space. For example, one statement rug below an outdoor dining table makes the space especially cozy for guests. Whether you are decorating an outdoor entertaining area or a lounging spot by the pool, the size and design of your rug can completely transform the look and feel of the space.

What is the Best Outdoor Rug Material? Making the Choice

So, what is the best outdoor rug material? Based on its durability and overall compatibility of with the elements, polypropylene is by far the best material for outdoor rugs. It is designed to last a long time, and comes in so many styles, weaves, and sizes – meaning you can fully customize your space to make it your own, without having to worry about maintaining or replacing your rug. Over the years, it saves a lot of time, and a lot of money.

Get the Best Outdoor Rugs

If you are wondering what material is best for outdoor rugs, Rugsdecor.com carries rugs that are extremely durable and resistant to weather and wear – made from polypropylene or PET fabrics. Take a look at our huge selection of outdoor area rugs and find the perfect piece for your patio, poolside, or deck.

Shop all of the area rugs available on Rugsdecor.com today to start transforming your home.